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My Solar, My Life

Image by Daniele Colucci

Intersolar Brazil
Booth No.: B4-10, Aug 29-31, 2023, Sao Paulo

Intersolar Mexico
Booth No.: 522, Sept 5-7, 2023, Mexico City

Headquartered in 

the United States

Precision robotic production facilities

China factories capacity at 800MW & Vietnam at 400MW

1.3GW panels shipped worldwide till 2019

Mysolar Bifacial panels 3.6MW
Mamibot Mysolar offshore projects
Mysolar bifacial panels
Mysolar residential projects
Mysolar bifaicla panels
Mamibot Mysolar residential projects
Mysolar panels in dersert solar park 16MW
Mysolar panels in desert solar parks
Mysolar project on grounds
Mysolar solar project ground
Mysolar panels from greenland project 1.8MW
Mysolar monoficial panels for roofs
Solar Panels on Roof
Mysolar solar panels off-grid
Mamibot Mysolar solar projects 4.2MW
Mysolar bifacial project 6MW

About Mysolar

Mysolar, a sister company of Mamibot, specializes in designing and manufacturing solar panels with cutting-edge technologies. The current goal is to build itself a tier 1 solar panel brand at a competitive price.

Our manufacturing engineers, quality control personnel, supply team and among others, together strive to streamline the factory lines and overall operation and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Join us on this journey of accelerating the renewable energy transition of the earth!


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Product features 

Reduce current heat loss of the cells and increase the current collection ability.
mysolar panel compatible 1500V 1000V sav
1500V system voltage
Compatible with 1000V/1500V and reduces BoS cost greatly.
Mysolar PID resistant.png
Tested by the industry’s most rigorous durability standards in accordance with IEC 62804. 
Mysolar undertakes more Load
Strong and Safe
Certified to withstand 2400 Pa negative load of wind and 5400 Pa positive load of snow.
Mysolar panels ammonia resistant.png
Salt mist-resistant and Ammonia-Resistant
Passed the tests for salt and ammonia resistance.
Mysolar Low Light Power Output.png
Better Low Light Output
High-end glasses and cells for better performance in cloudy or low light conditions.
Mysolar panel 0-6Watt Positive power tol
More Positive Tolerance
All of our modules' actual power can only be exact or higher.
Mysolar More output.png
Higher Output
Higher output than other products of the same class. 
Mysolar panel twice EL microcrack test.p
High Reliability
Complete testing for UV, TC, HF, and double EL test to prevent microcracks
Mysolar warranty_edited_edited.png
Confident Warranty
25/30 years limited product warranty and performance warranty for all modules.


CHUBB insurance Mysolar.png
MysolarUSA LINER PERFORMANCE PV Module_edited.png

Shingled Panel Demonstration

Linear Performance Warranty

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