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5MW Mass Production of Shingled Bifacial Panels 640W (Double Glass)

Jun 9, 2021

After years of hard work, Mysolar started the mass production for its first commercial size order, which is 7820pcs MS640M-DB68 640W double-glass bifacial solar panels in SHINGLED technology.

This should be the first and yet the biggest project for commercial use in #shingled #double-Glass #bifacial #MonoPerc.
Shingled panels would produce more electricity than conventional mono perc panels, and save up to 10% Bos cost;
Bifacial panels produce 10-30% extra electricity from the rear side;
Double-glass Framed assembling is the best way of solar panel assembling, however, it is more expensive.

Quick points about why SHINGLED panels are better than conventional mono perc panels.

Higher Power output: up to 650W with dimension 2355*1302*30mm
Higher Efficiency: up to 21.3%
Much Lower Bos: saves up to 9.7%
More electricity gain: up to 1.08%
Less Micro-crack risks
Better hot-spot resistance
Better PID performance and Lower LID
Low-Temperature Production procedure
Longer Warranty with less degradation
Elegant and attractive design for installations
More Flexible and stronger mechanical performance

Check the below link to know the advantages of solar panels with SHINGLED Technology.

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