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Mamibot Mysolar Announced CEC Listing By CEC Australia

May 19, 2020

Star series Full cell mono

60pcs full cell 156.75*156.75mm MS310M-S, MS315M-S,

72 full cell 156.75*156.75mm MS370M-S, MS375M-S,

60pcs full cell 158.75*158.75mm MS335M-S, MS340M-S,

72 full cell 158.75*158.75mm MS395M-S, MS400M-S, MS405M-S,

Star series Half cell mono

120 pcs 156.75*78.375mm MS325M-H, MS330M-H,

144 pcs 156.75*78.375mm MS395M-H, MS390M-H,

SUPO Series half cell mono

120 pcs 158.75*79.375mm half cells MS335M-HS, MS340M-HS,

144 pcs 158.75*79.375mm half cellsMS400M-HS, MS405M-HS, MS410M-HS, ranges from 310W to 410W

Most of Mysolar's solar panels are certified according but not limited to:

UL/cUL, DEWA, TUV including:

IEC61215/61730 IEC61701 Salt Mist resistant IEC62716 Ammonia resistant IEC62804 PID Cert (PPP 58042B:2015)
IEC60068 Sand and Dust Resistant

Mysolar is only offering high-efficient top-end solar panels, targeting for Tier 1 brand in the solar panel industry.

To verify the listed Mysolar solar modules from the below link by searching "Mysolar"

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