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Mysolar's Sand And dust Resistant Certificate By TUV Nord Released

Mysolar obtained the Sand and Dust resistant certificate based on testing standards IEC60068, and Ammonia resistant certificate based on IEC62716 for the SUPO Series high-efficiency solar panels, including MSxxxM-HS multiple busbars half-cut MONO perc modules, MSxxxM-SLS shingling modules, and MSxxxM-DHBS bifacial half-cut MONO Perc modules.

​The power range covers from 305W to 470W. Specifically, solar panels installed in deserts of any other areas with heavy dust and sand will be dramatically impacted by sand and dust, if not removed in time. The power generation of the solar system can be decreased significantly by accumulated dust and sand. What's worse, solar panels duration will also be reduced or even be destroyed by the increased risk of more possible hot spots on panels/cells.

​There are more and more solar panels installed in the Middle East or other desert areas of the worldwide market. Unfortunately, most solar panels are not sand and dust-proof, which increased more possible risks to solar system investors.

Mysolar's high-efficiency SUPO series panels can solve such headache problems in those installation sites with heavy dust and sand.

Mysolar is only offering high-efficient top-end solar panels, targeting for Tier 1 brand in the solar panel industry.

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