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Mysolar Attends Ukraine CiSOLAR Exhibition in Kiev Apr 8-9 2020 - Presenting Bifacial 465W Panels

Jan 1, 2020

​​Mysolar will present the latest high-efficiency bifacial solar panels with a maximum power output of 465W.

Mysolar's SUPO Series MS410M-DHBS 410W bifacial panels, with or without frames, has maximum of 465W output by counting both the frond side production and rear side production.

​There are so many reasons to use bifacial solar panels, explained by the technical director of Mysolar USA:

"Basically, the price of Mysolar's framed bifacial panels is quite close to conventional solar panels, it is really a good time to massively install now. And Mysolar just got TUV certificates for our high efficiency and high power bifacial panels, we are ready for the market. There are many reasons for bifacial panels including but not limited to:

1. Higher Efficiency - Front Side Up to 20.2% efficiency
2. Extra Power Gain - Rear side generates an extra power output
3. Better PID Resistance - Double Glass protects panels better
4. Higher Fireproof level - Grade A fireproof
5. Longer Lifespan - up to 30 years warranty
6. Lower Degradation: 2.5% from 1st, 0.448% degradation from second year
7. Stronger Corrosion Resistance - Glass replaces conventional backsheet, better steam/water/acid/salt
8. Greater Installation Scenes - BIPV, Deserts, Strong wind/snow sections
9. Easier Maintenence - frameless panels are easier to be cleaned
10. Less cost - very competitive prices compared with conventional PERC modules, less BOS cost (balance of system)"

Mysolar is only offering high-efficient top-end solar panels, targeting for Tier 1 brand in the solar panel industry.

To meet Mysolar: CiSOLAR 2020, Kiev, Ukraine (9th International Conference and Trade Show, Solar Energy of Central And Eastern Europe), Booth Number: E04​

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