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Mysolar Garnered Huge Interests From Attendees in All Energy AU, Melbourne Oct. 23-24th 2019

Oct 25, 2020

All-Energy Australia, Australia’s largest national showcase of clean and renewable energy, kicked off at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 23-24 October 2019, attracted more than 9,000 visitors and nearly 300 exhibitors to participate.

Mysolar hit the exhibition with its latest designed Super PERC mono panels SUPO series with 158.75*158.75mm high-efficiency solar cell, MS400M-SPLUS and MS325M-HPLUS 325W half-cell mono modules, besides, Mysolar presented mostly popular demanded Star Series, Star Series PERC MONO 156.75x156.75mm cells, MS320M-S mono 320W panels, MS380M-S mono 380W panels, MS390M-H 390W half-cell perc mono modules, MS280P-S 280W poly modules, MS330P-S 330W Poly modules, MS290P-H 290W half-cell poly modules, MS340P-S 340W half-cell Poly modules.

Apart from the solar panels, Mamibot Mysolar also presents its high-tech AI smart Vacuum Cleaner W110-T, designed and manufactured by our Parent company Mamibot USA, this type of cleaners can be used in a small residential PV system. “Though this is the first time we attend the exhibition in Australia, some of the visitors said they are very familiar with Mysolar brand”, said Elaine Wang, the sales manager of Mysolar, “and several partners showed great interest in both of our cleaners and high-efficiency solar panels, indeed Mysolar is currently the most affordable and valuable USA solar panel brand. We only focus on providing high-efficiency Grade A panels.”

"We only use the best-of-the-best components to produce truly high-efficiency Grade A solar panels." said the director of Mysolar, “We are now working on the CEC approval list for Australia, it’s good to know that CEC now already black listed some low-quality brands/factory for the sake of users and clients, Mysolar will always be responsible to all our partners including distributors/agents, and end-users, and we’ll take good care of their investments with our confident 25 years linear warranty, as our slogan goes: Mysolar, the Supplier of High-efficiency Solar Panels. You’ll definitely get more value from working with us.”

Mamibot Mysolar is going to receive Certificates issued by TUV for the mono bifacial PERC modules in one month or so. The double glass bifacial perc mono panels can produce 335W power with 120 half-cut solar cells, and 410W power with 144 half-cut solar cells. The rear side power gain would be from 5% to 30%, depending on the exact reflection materials, however, nevertheless this bifacial mono series will bring up to 25% more energy yield comparing with other conventional panels.

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